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So the new AppleTV is out, and it looks reasonably easy to jailbreak. Easier than the original version, even.

My original claim to fame was the creation of a Mac-based development kit for the original AppleTV. Given the nice integration we get with the iPhone developer tools, perhaps I’ll look at putting together a new version— what do people think?

Currently I’m waiting on some money to look into this for a client for whom I’ve previously developed an AppleTV-based digital content distribution and digital signage system. I’m mulling over the idea of adding a PayPal donations button here too, but it feels kinda cheesy. If I get five people say they’d be happy to donate something to the cause, then I’ll add one to the sidebar, along with a target at which point I’ll start work in earnest.

Let me know folks— what’s the demand for this now?

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